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Williams Security has been a wrought iron manufacturer for forty-six years. We’ve seen a lot of changes in the security industry since we started in 1971. Through the years people have given our products many names such as Security Doors, Burglar Bars, Burglar Doors and Wrought Iron Doors.  Regardless of the name you use, the common denominator is the feeling of security you get once we install one our protection products on your home or business.williams security 1


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 Here at Williams Security we also manufacturer and install rails, expanding gates, custom burglar doors and escape burglar bars which are required in all bedrooms that only have one entrance/exit. In the event of a fire, the escape window guard can be opened providing a safe exit from a burning house.  Although escape window guards can be opened in the event of a fire, they still provide the same level of security from break-ins as our other security window guards.


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After decades of manufacturing wrought iron security products, we created the Invisible Burglar Bar®. Invisible Burglar Bars® are manufactured from wrought iron but are virtually undetectable to the average person or home owner’s association looking at your home. They provide the same level of security as standard burglar bars without the jailhouse look of traditional burglar bars. We’ve had customers call us back and inform us that they’ve had people stand right in front of their invisible burglar bars® and not know they had burglar bars installed.  We would be happy to give you more information on our invisible window guards®. Other companies have tried to duplicate our Invisible Window Guards® but we are the originator and take pride in the quality of or product and protecting our brand.






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