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New Dimensions

New Dimensions

We have new dimensions. Protect your home and family with these beautiful Steel Security Storm Doors from a leader in home security doors. By combining art-carved metal sheets with heavy-gauge steel tubing, the result is beauty. An Elegant way to meet friend…a safe way to greet strangers.


Our abundant manufacturing capabilities allow us to give every single door hand built quality and on time delivery.


The New Dimension Door is just one more way we can do that while producing an unique and beautiful door. A part of what makes the New Dimension Line a one of a kind are the custom designs like the door above.

Transformed from ruff sketches due to a computer aided design system. Then  finally precision cut using a computer controlled cutter. Our New Dimension Doors earn their name. It’s a New Line for us and a completely different way of building security doors than we have ever done before. Each door is a work of art. Our design crew spent months working first with sketches and then getting the ideas off of the paper for the New Dimension Door line. Click here to view

new dimensions 1new dimensions 2new dimensions 3