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Escape Windows

Escape window’s are import for the saftey of you and your loved ones. For this reason we want to help you protect your family and keep them safe at the sametime. Williams Security & Wrought Iron Manaufactures is currently giving a $25.00 discount on all escape windows and we’re waiving the $25.00 removal fee we normally charge for removing existing burglar bars. The Georgia fire code states when burglar bars are installed on bedroom windows, there must be two means of egress in case of a fire, the entry door and a window. If you have burglar bars installed, at least one window must open in the event of a fire.  It doesnt matter if you purchased your burglar bars from us or another company, we will assist you in keeping your family safe from theives and fire.
During meetings with new and potential customers, we discovered not all companies are informing  consumer’s about the fire code. After hearing this from several consumers, we decided to do our part to get the information out.  If you have burglar bars installed on your bedroom windows, please take look at them and make sure at least one in each bedroom can be opened in the event of a fire.

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