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Williams Security has been manufacturing security products for residential, commercial and industrial clients for over thirty years. All products are manufactured to highest standards using quality components and expert workmanship, and will provide many years of trouble-free service.


We offer a variety of customization’s & specs, all built to your satisfaction.

Our products are:

  • Decorative Wrought Iron Columns

  • Decorative Wrought Iron Fences & Gates

  • Spiral Stairs

  • Balconies

  • Furniture

  • Railings

  • Store Fronts

  • Mail Boxes

  • Bar-B-Q Grills


customization’s & spec’s continued


Heavey Duty Angle Iron Security Door (pictures coming soon!)

Heavy Duty Angle Iron Security Door


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Ouside Mount Tube Frame Security Door (pictures coming soon!)

Outside Mount Tube Frame Security Door


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WELDScustomization's & specs 1

Customization’s. The quality of workmanship becomes apparent when examining our customization’s & specs. Quality welds are made by running  continuous bead between the parts welded together using metal inert gas welding equipment. Metal inert gas welding displaces the air around the weld with an inert gas, which in results in stronger welds. An inferior door will have spot welds that “tack” the parts together.


FRAMEScustomization's & specs 2

Solid frames are made from steel. Only a hefty 16 gauge or larger frame will have the tensile strength to prevent damage and resist break-in attempts. A lighter gauge steel is inferior because it can be pried or bent, allowing easier entry.


DEAD BOLTcustomization's & specs 3

Only a quality dead bolt lock will make the lock set as strong as the security door. Quality dead bolts resist tampering, damage and cutting while providing many years of trouble-free operation. Low quality dead bolts are easily defeated and compromise the integrity of the door.

 SKIRTcustomization's & specs 4
A properly designed skirt by our customization’s and specs experts protects the dead bolt and lock mechanism. Because the lock set is potentially the weakest point in a security door. It is important to protect this vital component. Look for a skirt that runs the entire height of the door, protecting the entire door from prying damage.
HINGEScustomization's & specs 5
Hinges are also key components that can add or detract from the integrity of a security door.  Butted welded hinges are the strongest. inferior hinges with pins that are simply screwed into the doors frame compromise security and lead to early failure due to the loosening of the screws.
SCREW MOUNTINGcustomization's & specs 6
Frames should be designed to recess into door openings so screws are perpendicular to the door. This placement obstructs the screws by the door when closed, making access tot the screws virtually impossible. Screws along the frame and exposed to the front of the door makes their removal easy using a cordless drill, screwdriver or pry bar.
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